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‘The Bunny Ranch Insider’ – Soon!


Dennis Hof asked for it so here it is. Dennis, you can thank yourself and hired stalker, Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre for this one.

Dennis Hof says he’s an anti-trafficking activist. I say he’s a dirty, old, perverted, sex trafficking pimp. All you have to do is read his new book where he admits all of his abuse and perversion against the teen girls and young women who end up in one of his 7 brothels. He talks about his exploitation of the teen girls who go there like it’s an entertaining story to tell around the dinner table. He recruits them while they are still underage and brings them there on their 18th birthday. HBO helps Dennis Hof recruit your teens to prostitution. They use entertainment to recruit your daughters into commercial sexual exploitation, in other words, into being raped and sex trafficked by Dennis Hof.

Dennis, forcing girls to have sex with you for work is corporate rape. Your days as a free pimp are as numbered as Bill Cosby’s but the clock on your crime’s statute of limitations is still ticking. TICK TOCK!

Pimp Dennis boldly states he likes to force the youngest girls to have sex with him while he makes them call him daddy AND he doesn’t give them a dime for the privilege. If they want to work there, they must do whatever he says. Isn’t there labor laws against forcing sex on your employees. Oh, and btw, they ARE EMPLOYEES though he illegally reports them to the IRS as independent contractors. Nevada strippers already won this battle, Dennis. You can’t dictate every minute of those girls lives, take most of their money and then call them independent. They are your sex slaves who must meet a daily house minimum, work 12 hours shifts 6 days a week on the schedule given to them by Madame Suzette, who makes Cruella Deville look like Mother Teresa. It’s in his book. When are we going to stop letting these criminals publicly celebrate their rape and sex trafficking of our daughters?

Not only does Dennis Hof admit, in his book, to multiple crimes committed against his victims over several decades, there are several former ‘bunnies’ who are speaking out about what really happens behind closed doors at his 7 so-called ‘legal’ Nevada brothels. In a state where Sin rules supreme, why would anyone believe they are following our laws while they work to pimp our daughters to their tourists? It’s time to take a long, hard look at this notorious, internationally known pimp and while we’re at it, we’ll dig deep into the sin state’s oversight of an overtly commercial sexually exploitive industry that has ru.

It’s time for me to write a book on my experience while working for Dennis Hof at the Bunny Ranch. It’s time to take this pimp down!